Board of Directors

Ann Merrifield

Ms. Merrifield, a director of the Company since July 2015, was formerly the President and Chief Executive Officer of PathoGenetix, Inc., a genomics company. Prior to that, she spent 18 years at the Genzyme Corporation where, among other roles, she served as Senior Vice President, Business Excellence, President of Genzyme Biosurgery, and President of Genzyme Genetics. She was previously a partner at Bain and Company and an investment officer at Aetna Life & Casualty.

Ms. Merrifield earned a Bachelor of Arts in Zoology and a Master of Education from the University of Maine, and a Master of Business Administration from the Amos Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. She is also a Director of Flexion Therapeutics and InVivo Therapeutics, and a Trustee of two MassMutual investment funds.